Be A Volunteer

Being a volunteer means agreeing to participate in activities to support social enterprises and to organize training and capacity building seminars in schools, training centers and universities around the world. We welcome your applications wherever you are. You will thus benefit from experience in the secondary business sectors of B&T Group.

Be A Partner

A partner is a person or a company providing expertise, time and / or material and financial resources to support our activities in developing countries and particularly in Africa.
As a partner you can participate in the deployment of our expansion activities in regions favorable to their development and thus benefit from our program of local representations.

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Personal & Professional Development

Our goal here is to improve your knowledge, enhance your talents and potential, achieve your aspirations, pursue your dreams, and improve your quality of personal and professional life. Everything is POSSIBLE by faith.


Image & Interior Design Consulting

In this space for discussion and advice, Tatiana from the B&T Group shares her passions (fashion, interior design) and her know-how in this area through this platform. She has also influenced her employees to look after their image and their businesses, why not you?



In this section, B&T share their entrepreneurial experience with the B&T community. Ideas of business, success and prosperity are on display for the benefit of those who aspire to more than exist.


Family life
(Stability-Balance-Succession-Careers ...)

Have you ever thought about building a business with your family members? In this section you will have ideas, advice and opportunities for family success, cohesion in your couple and the sustainability of your efforts, businesses, and values through the involvement of your children.

Success Stories